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This is a guide on fitting a stock PD130/150 upper intercooler elbow joint hose to an Allard EGR Delete pipe.

This is the stock pipe I used. As you can see I removed the rubber ring from around the metal clip.
Then I began cutting very carefully at the metal fitting on the end of the hose with a cordless dremel. You can use a saw, file or any other tool you feel is appropriate for this job but bear in mind that you don't want to damage the end of the rubber hose below the fitting.

After some careful cutting taking away tiny amounts at a time the rubber will become visible. It's important not to continue to cut through the hose. We want to try and remove the metal only and not touch the rubber if possible.

The second picture shows the metal fitting seperated. This can be done when the metal outer ring has been completely cut through including the stepped lip you can see on the front of the fitting.

Here we can see the rubber hose with the metal outer ring removed. As you can see i've just barely grazed the outer coating of the rubber hose with the metal cutting disk of the dremel. This will be fine as no significant damage has been done.


Now it's time to remove the inner metal ring from the hose. There is a ridge on this inner ring to hold the rubber tight in place. A good way of seperating this is to use needlenose pliers and push one pincer in between the rubber hose and the metal fitting and slide the pliers right around the inside of the hose until it seperates the 2 parts. When the pliers are easy to push around between the 2 parts you can then simply give them a twish and pop the inner ring out of the hose.

Here we can see the inner ring when removed from the hose.
Then it's time to put the hose onto the Allard EGR blanking pipe. It may help to warm the hose up a little to make it easier to push onto the Allard pipe. Then the hose can be clamped on using the supplied clamp.
Then it's time to fit the blanking piece. In my opinion it's best to put it directly onto the exhaust manifold and then the excess stock EGR piping can be removed completely. It's best to use copper exhaust manifold bolts as they won't corrode, stick and can expand and contract with the heat.
And here is the finished item. As you can see I've replaced the EGR to manifold bolts with stainless steel ones.