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Baz's MK1 Restoration Page

I thought I'd post a few pics of my little project. I'm keeping a diary and will add it as I go along but first I thought I'd post a few pics. I'm going for a complete restoration of every nut, bolt and panel to try and recover this car's little lost soul. Here's a few pictures which were taken halfway through it's stripdown. Any advice and help would be much appreciated. More pics to come as well.

Car was bought on 25th of May 2006 for a total of £380. Transportation costs were about £30 for £20 trailer from Mc Carrolls and about £10 of diesel.

Day 1: Friday 26th May
Car is cleared out and engine and extras all taken out of the back and car is push into the garage. Garage gets tidied and set up ready for work to start. Car gets it’s first general inspection.
Rear Lights
Rear Seats
Rub Strips

Day 2: Saturday 27th May
Door Cards
Front Seats
Rear Trim
Seat Belts
Pillar Trim

Day 3: Tuesday 30th May
Steering Wheel
Front Carpet
Air Ducting
Instrument Cluster

Day 4: Wednesday 31st May
Wiring was removed and fully labelled. Dents and rust were also marked on bodywork with permanent marker.

Day 5: Thursday 1st June
Gear Linkage
Door Locks
Side Windows and seals
Rear Wiper Motor
Front Bumper
Wing Mirrors
Bonnet Prop

Day 6: Sunday 4th June

Day 7: Monday 5th June
To Do list made:
Petrol Tank and Filler Neck
Fuel Lines
Rear Axel
Rear Wheels
Front Window
Front Engine Mount

Clean Engine Bay

Cut Out:
Rear Panel
Passenger's Quarter panel
Hole in driver's floor
Hole in spare wheel well
Patch behind pedals

Day 8: Saturday 10th June
Rear axel (3 bolts out of 4 snapped off)
Petrol tank disconnected
Filler neck removed (drilled out due to corrosion)
Breather pipes all cut due to corrosion

Day 9: Tuesday 13th June
Petrol Tank
Rear Brake Lines
Soundproofing on passengers floor

Dents hammered out of passenger's floor. Dents on rear strut towers hammered out. Rear hatch, upper seal groove sanded down.

Day 10: Thursday 15th June
Fuel and brake lines
Bolts from front wings
Front Window

Day 11: Friday 23rd June
Go faster stripes (stickers)

Sanded and primed rear hatch upper seal groove.

Day 12: Saturday 24th June
Front Wings
Engine bay cleaning started with degreaser.

Day 13: Wednesday 28th June
Fuel gauge sender unit from fuel tank
Continued cleaning engine bay and began removing sealer from inside front wings.

Day 14: Monday 3rd July
Sanded rusted parts of front wings. Removed more glue from inside front wings. Began stripping sealer from inner front wings.

Day 15: Thursday 6th July
Drivers side suspension, wishbone, brakes, hub, wheel.

Stripped back more of drivers side inner wing.

Day 16: Saturday 8th July
Passenger's side suspension, brakes, wheel, hub, wishbone

Began stripping back passenger’s side inner wing. Sanded down driver’s front wing rub-strip recess. Filled recess.

Day 17: Monday 10th July
Stripped and primed drivers front inner wing. Smoothed recess in drivers wing. Cut out hole in spare wheel well. Cut out hole in driver's foot well, cut out rust in drivers side rear strut tower. Filled small hole with p40. Filled dents in rear passengers strut tower.

Day 18: Tuesday 11th July
Bonnet latch
Soundproofing from behind dash on firewall
All grommets from plenum chamber and firewall
Throttle cable
Accelerator pedal
Clutch cable and pedal
Ignition barrel
Steering lock and stalks
Steering rack
Handbrake cables
Rear suspension
Rear axel and hubs

Sanded down front part of driver's wing. Filled and smoothed driver's wing. Primed rub-strip recess after smoothing. Cut out driver's outer sill. Cut out back of driver's sill at inner rear arch.

Day 19: Wednesday 12th July
Brake mechanism and cylinder
Rear hubs taken off rear axel

Cleaned more of engine bay. Filled more dents in rear strut towers. Primed part of drivers wing. Filled dents in rear upper hatch seal recess. Sanded and primed drivers side of rear hatch seal recess.

Day 20: Thursday 13th July
Rear panel
Front Engine mount
Driver’s side wiper arm
Wiper motor and mechanism

Various dents and scratches filled and primed. Car set up on blocks. Undercoating around spare wheel well removed.

New To Do list Made:
Clean and prime passengers inner wing.
Cut all rust and prepare hole at driver's floor for repairing
Clean rest of engine bay

Day 21: Saturday 29th July
Cleaned more of passenger's front inner wing. Sanded and primed patch at corner of passenger front window. Rust at back right side all cut out. Tow hook cut out. Finished and primed drivers rear strut tower. Cleaned more of engine bay.

Monday 31st July

Monday 7th August
Ordered outer sills and rear outer arches. Ophir Motors Dundrod - Hadrian panel distributor. Collected on Thursday 10th.

Day 22: Friday 29th September
Sanded and smoothed drivers wing - also added a coat of primer.

Day 23: Wednesday 4th October
Sanded front window surround and primed. Tidied Shed. Filled and smoothed hole in bottom of passenger’s wing.

Mother in hospital

Wednesday 8th November - Rear panel arrived from crazy quiff.

Day 24: Wednesday 15th November
Sanded and primed front half of passenger’s inner wing. Cut out badly welded patch on firewall behind clutch. Cut out driver's side of rain tray.

Day 25: Thursday 16th November
Removed rest of rain tray.

Day 26: Sunday 31st December (New Years Eve)
Cut out both rotten arches. Cut out passenger's sill.