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The Bora Build Up

Here's roughly where the journey started. As a skint student I wanted to do a few small mods to try and make the car look nice. See where I went horribly wrong!!!!!!!
Then Just before I picked out a few parts for a bodykit I went back to stock so I didn't embarass myself when I was taking it down to the bodyshop. Here's a few of the before snaps I took.
Then this is the day I got it home, straight out of the bodyshop with not a hint of nice rims, or suspension. I had to roll ghetto style for a bit until I got a few parts sorted out.
After a while I decided it was time for a small photoshoot so I took a decent day and removed all the tar from the car and went for a photoshoot at my old school (which I hated most of the time). As you can see on these pics I had my winter wheels on. they were a set of Antera 163 rims which are actually a VERY expensive set of rims and can be found for about 350 each for 17" x 8". I just used them as old winter rims because I got them pretty cheap. You'll notice in these pics that i've added a plastic splitter to the bottom of the front bumper. This has nothing to do with aesthetics and is purely to protect my front bumper from bad roads and speed bumps.