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MK1 Sites

VW Vortex MKI Forum - Our stateside companions. The VW vortex is the biggest collection of VW owners and enthusiasts in the world and is a endless resource for all vw information. The MK1 forum in particular has a lot of very experienced heads full of information.
MK1 Owners Club - UK MK1 owners club. Full of fanatics of all things VW. The forum is bursting with excellent information and experts are around every corner. Every aspect of the MK1 is covered in this website.
CrazyQuiffs Parts Site - Top bloke for all MK1 parts and quite often breaks and sells entire mk1 golfs. Very useful resource.
Frost Car Restoration - Excellent site for all kinds of tools for car restoration. This should be a bookmark in any car enthusiast's favourites.
Patatrons Site - Legend of the MK1 scene in the states and very useful resource for parts and information.