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The Bora Build Up - Page 5

The next little add-on to my car was to fit a set of OEM HIDs. Not the easiest headlights to find or the cheapest but undoubtly the best there are.
Here's a little selection of bulbs needed for the headlights. These are described in more detail in the OEM HID page in the Bora menu at the top.
And the dreaded wiring of the adapters!!!!! It's not that bad really.
These 2 pics are some of the parts used in the autolevelling system which attach to the suspension.
Here's one of the ballasts for the pre 2002.5 HID systems.
These were taken during the install. I was doing some of the wiring for the autolevelling system at this time.
This is some of the stuff needed for the headlight washer system
This is it with the headlights and washers installed. As you can see I have no washer caps or holes cut in the bumper. I'm going to wait until I get this done until I wire the secondary pump up for the washers.
I also needed the leather handbrake to match the seats.
And of course the leather doorcards.
Here's a little addition I've just made to the car. It's the coolant cover from an Audi S3 and you can see how it's made to fit the 5.5L washer bottle.