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The Bora Build Up - Page 4

This page is basically a pile of pictures from my car pc build up. You can find a more detailed build up on the Carputer page from the Bora menu above.
Here are a few snaps taken during the fabrication process of getting the screen housing built.

These are the other little pieces I needed to fabricate including USB slots and an IDE cable extension.
My test setups were a little untidy but effective.
And now all up and running during my testing process.
Here is the remote start button I'm currently working on.
Here are some of the wires needed for the PC and amp. And you can also see one of the cutoff switches for the side of the case and one of the small bridging wires I needed to make for the PC on/off button.
These were taken during the actual install and testing process.
Installed in all it's glory. Just got all the little problems and add-ons to iron out and attach now.