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The Bora Build Up - Page 2

This is the first day I had the new number plates on.
Here's a few shots I took after a shower of rain. Not the greatest beads in the world but I though it was worth a few photos.
And here I am parked up in the hills near where I live.
I also managed to get the R32 seats fitted in the front and back. These are from the rare 5dr R32 golf as well so were extremely hard to find.
And a pair of pants to keep the air fresh inside the car :)
I also had the boot blend smoothed in. I had the line on the boot taken out and the badges removed as well.
I also had these sitting in the house for a while and decided it was time to get them sorted. They're KW V1s. I didn't like the way the front shocks had a grub screw to hold the adjuster ring in place so I had an aluminium locking ring made to fit them. It means the rings can lock tight and there is no rish of damaging the threads.

And here it is after putting on the suspension and RH AG Cuprad rims. The suspension is still fairly high here as it hadn't settled.
Then I decided it was time for another little photoshoot. I wasn't 100% percent hapy with the car yet as I still had a lot fo work to do so once again I called this my 'before' photoshoot.

As you can see the headliner has been taken out as I was recovering it at the time of the photoshoot.