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The Bora Build Up - Page 3

Here's my new shoes sitting under my old shoes. Can't beat a bit of brock. 17x8.5 ET13 at the front and 17x10 ET20 at the back.
The obligatory 'Money Shot'.
My headliner had been sitting in my garage for a long, long time. I decided it was time to go ahead and get it finished. You'll notice the filled grab handles. It was incredibly difficult to work with and not the easiest mods in the car. You can read all about it in my 'headliner' page in the bora menu.

Here you can see the passat W8 dome light which has been modded by myself to blue led lighting to match the rest of the lighting in the headliner instead of the standard red. The other picture is the socket needed to make the W8 light plug in. I soldered it directly to the stock loom when I had the headliner out. It's a very simple mod to do which you can read more about in the 'W8 light' page in the Bora menu.